Real Estate: The Places Worth Investing

When you are going to invest in real estate in such a competitive market and in the dense economic environment that is currently lived worldwide, it is good to take into account some important factors in which Mexico has enormous advantages: the immense wealth of its natural resources, the strategic geographical location, and its workforce, so that real estate investments in Mexico can produce returns of up to 30% by the end of the first year.

Mexico City, a good investment

Like all capitals, CDMX does not stop growing. Ali is the main office of many multi and transnational companies that always require workers, and they are looking for housing to rent, so an apartment in this city is an excellent investment option.

And if you want something cheaper, that gives you immediate rent, a study apartment is a great option, especially if it is close to a university, because it will allow students to rent it, and you will always have people who need it.

Queretaro, industrial headquarters of the country

If you plan to invest in a winery, a local or a home, Querétaro can be a good option, there are a lot of manufacturing and commercial companies, so the economy of the sector is quite prosperous.

There you will find many shopping options and, in addition, historic areas that are a great tourist destination, for their colonial architecture

Tijuana, to invest in real estate in the medical sector

Offices, clinics, and hospitals are an excellent real estate investment in Tijuana because medical tourism in the city is increasing quickly and safely.

If we talk about liposuction in Tijuana or dental services, we will see that this sector is really a great line of the economy in the city.

If you manage to buy a property near a clinic, it will be valued immediately, and you will recover your investment quickly and safely.

 Merida, ideal for retirement

In the Yucatan Peninsula are Merida, a city with immense real estate potential, which is surrounded by archaeological sites, and wonderful beaches suitable for rest, as well as being a true oasis that includes all the extravagance of shopping centers ideal for shopping.

There are very good properties to invest in retirement homes, because of elderly care Mexico is also a good economic line, taking into account that, more and more people in the United States want to spend their last years in Mexico, enjoying their pension in dollars, or their trust, without a doubt buying a country house to house them is a good investment in real estate.

In addition, Mérida is located among the most important ports of import, export, and tourism attracting a good number of people, so if you want to make your investment in this sector, and even in commercial premises, you will receive excellent profitability.

If you are looking for another place in Mexico to invest, Guadalajara is a good option as it has to do with students, because in the place are two of the most important universities in Mexico, with thousands of young people attending them and who require accommodation, so, investing in an apartment, or in a house to rent rooms will be truly profitable.