Ready to Sell Your Home? Why You Should Call an Oil Tank Removal NJ Company

The housing market in NJ is hot, and demand is high. This means sellers are fighting in a competitive market to offer the best deals and make their listing stand out on their street. With this in mind, your first instinct may be to add a new roof, build a deck, refinish the driveway, and do some landscaping. But while these tasks may help you sell your home for top dollars, having a clean certificate from an oil tank removal NJ company stating that no oil tanks are buried on your property if the best way to get top dollar and make your listing more attractive.

Why are Buried Oil Tanks Bad?

Oil tanks were used at the turn of the century all over NJ to provide hot water and heating into homes. But since they have a life expectancy of 80 to 100 years, they have already started deteriorating into the ground unleashing deadly toxins, carcinogens, metals, and old petroleum. Not only can these things make people ill, but you can get fined by the state and federal government for tens of thousands of dollars. That said, when you can show buyers that your property is oil tank free, your home will move up the chain in their radar. 

Ease the Buyer’s Concerns, Call an Oil Tank Removal NJ Company

Savvy buyer’s agents know that many NJ homes likely have buried oil tanks on the property. If your home was built at the turn of the century, or if the land your new build is on once housed a dwelling from that time period, chances are high you have a buried oil tank. And buyers will know this. That said, having an oil tank removal NJ company come to sweep your grounds for an oil tank is a good idea because the certificate will make your home more desirable. Leaking oil tanks cause a cluster of problems for homeowners, so let your potential buyers know that an oil tank removal company has swept the property and cleared it of oil tanks, or at least declared the property to be free from these decaying monstrosities. 

Provide a Safe Place for Community Members and the Environment

The last thing you want to do is pass a home on to another family that poses hazards. That said, another reason for calling an oil tank removal company is to ensure the property is safe for people, and for the local environment. By contacting an oil tank removal company, you can rule out your home as being a contributing factor for illness and toxins released into the atmosphere.

Call an oil tank removal NJ company today, and give buyers a reason to pay full asking price on your house.