Why Should you Have Your Asphalt Pothole Repair Done During the Summer

When most people think of summer, there are several things that come to mind such as swimming pools, ice cream, and sun tan lotion. However, there is another thing that should be remembered: asphalt pothole repair. 

Asphalt is a great choice for surfaced parking lots and some driveways because it is cost-effective and durable. Asphalt lots can withstand large loads and heavy daily use for more than 20 years after it’s laid. 

However, winter months can be damaging to asphalt roads because of the freeze-thaw cycles that come with snowfall.  Summer is the perfect time to make repairs because it is warmer and drier, which allows hot asphalt to be kept at a warm temperature until it is installed.

Short term asphalt pothole repair vs. long term asphalt pothole repair

Just like with most businesses, there are some variations with asphalt production. With each project, the most important thing to consider is keeping the mixture warm until it is installed. 

For shorter projects, a batch asphalt heater plant sends crushed rock through hoppers into a heater drum. It is then sorted by size and mixed with bitumen, also known as tar.

A continuous asphalt plant is used for long term projects. There, crushed rock is continuously fed into a heater drum and coated with bitumen. 

Why is summer better? 

If asphalt is not kept hot before it is applied to potholes, the mixture can harden and become gummy, rendering it useless. This makes summer a great time to apply asphalt pothole repair. The naturally warm weather allows the mixture to be kept hot while it travels from the plant to the work site without specialty equipment. 

Additionally, to adhere properly, asphalt needs to be placed in a dry area that is free of debris, which is typically unlikely in winter conditions. Hot asphalt mixtures are typically more durable, which means they often last longer than one winter cycle. 

Some potholes, however, do get fixed in the winter months, but the work is often more time-consuming and more expensive. For most routine maintenance, specialty equipment is needed to keep the asphalt mixture sufficiently hot while repair crew search for potholes.

If work is done in the winter, cold patch asphalt often is used to reduce hazards on the roadways until a complete fix can be made the following summer. There is a high-quality cold patch often that offers a permanent fix, but it is more expensive. Some companies prefer the high-quality method because it is a one-time fix rather than requiring asphalt pothole repair in two seasons. 

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